The Neuropsychological Vertigo Inventory (NVI)

I feel tired
I find it difficult to organise myself
I forget my appointments
I tend to go the wrong way when I set off to go somewhere
My mood changes each day
I am creative
My balance is poor
When I go out I have trouble finding my way back
I have good vocabulary
I tend to lose track of what I am reading and have to start all over again
I am a slow reader
I am clumsy
I find it difficult to concentrate
I find it hard to remember names of people
For me table entries and newspaper columns appear jumbled
I can't place major historical events in the right chronological order
I have problems with my memory
I feel depressed
I have a poor sense of direction
I find it hard to get up in the morning
I find it difficult to locate myself on a map
I enjoy going on holidays
I forget birthdays and anniversaries
My eyes feel tired when I use the computer or watch television
I am not very good using my hands when it comes to DIY, drawing or sculpture
I get confused about what day of the week it is
I am absent minded
I am easily distracted
I don't think my handwriting is neat
I like artistic pastimes
I don't always know what year we are in
I don't know which season we are in